Monday, June 14, 2021

The Story

FounderSec is all about protecting you, your work, and your livelihood from the insane chaos that is the Internet. Consider the following:

  • A University of Maryland study found that a hack occurs on the Internet every 39 seconds
  • Fortune Magazine found that 66% of businesses attacked by hackers weren’t confident they could recover from it
  • As a startup founder, entrepreneur, influencer, or content creator, you don’t have cybersecurity specialists on staff now or even as your next hire…

These 3 things combined are a recipe for a total f**king disaster. FounderSec is the antidote and I deliver straight-to-the-point cybersecurity strategies every week for busy people that aren’t cybersecurity specialists but have a lot to lose online.

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Every week, I hit you with the shortest email I can possibly make that contains:

  • 1-2 sentences & stats about a cybersecurity issue you’re likely to have already present in your life that you probably didn’t know about
  • 1-2 sentences detailing the high-level strategy you should employ to counter the issue
  • 1-2 sentences including my professional recommendation on what specific tool or solution you can employ right now (that I also likely use because I believe in dogfooding)

That’s it. I’m busy too and don’t want to waste my time or yours with fancy rhetoric or hyperbole. This intro is easily the longest thing you’ll read of mine here!

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Who am I?

I’m Elburz Sorkhabi. I’ve been running tech startups for the last decade and have built applications, infrastructure, and technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies who wanted to do ridiculous things. My hands have been in realtime media technologies, aerospace, cryptocurrency ICOs, online education, eSports, and cybersecurity. Bottom line: I’ve seen a lot of sh*t and you can trust me.

elburz foundersec headshot
Me smiling before I realized how insecure everything is…